Agri SA views Mangaung as a watershed event

With the ruling ANC’s Mangaung elective conference starting on Sunday 16 December 2012, the president of Agri SA, Johannes Möller said exceptional leadership was required if the structural problems of the country, were to be addressed.

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“Problems with the balance of payments, fiscal constraints, declining competitiveness of the economy, labour unrest and reduced foreign direct investment undoubtedly require sound domestic policies as a basic point of departure if the country is to be prevented from entering into a downward spiral,” Möller said.

Agri SA wished to add its voice to business leaders in calling for drastic steps to deal with challenges in relation to corruption, unemployment and education. According to Möller, policy decisions taken at Mangaung should be aimed at positively influencing the economic trajectory of the country, whilst preoccupation with ideologies should not be on the cards.

“Agri SA has been actively involved in providing inputs and commentary on the National Development Plan and our organisation is committed to further participate in adding content to especially the matters pertaining to the agricultural sector like land reform and irrigation development. We trust that the ANC will find the NDP a suitable vehicle to take the country forward,” he said.

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According to Möller, Agri SA was approached to participate in the business programme of the ANC’s Progressive Business Forum which will run concurrent to the conference. “Dr Theo de Jager, Vice President of Agri SA and I will attend this event and we will definitely make use of the opportunity to engage with cabinet ministers and other government representatives on matters confronting our sector and the country at large,” he said.