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‘Invest in the planet’s health with regenerative agriculture’

Using regenerative agriculture principles in their farming operations is the biggest investment South African farmers can make in the health of the planet.

Authorities still counting the cost of flood damage in KZN

The extensive flood damage to infrastructure in KwaZulu-Natal following the recent torrential rain is a severe blow for the province’s agricultural industry.

‘A mammoth task to inoculate 14 million cattle across South Africa’

It was clear that the attendees at the foot-and-mouth disease information day held recently in Bothaville realised the crisis that had resulted from the widespread outbreaks of the disease, said Dr John Purchase, former CEO of Agbiz and facilitator of the event.

Heavy fuel load could result in ‘extreme fire season’ for SA

With the winter fire season getting underway in South Africa, Agri SA has warned its members to prepare for a more destructive fire season than normal.

Flood-ravaged KwaZulu-Natal braces for more heavy rainfall

More rain is expected over the flood-ravaged coastline of KwaZulu-Natal from Friday (15 April) to Wednesday (20 April).

Water rights litigation creates uncertainty for SA farmers

The recent Constitutional Court decision on the transferability and trading of water rights will create uncertainty and erode investor confidence in the agricultural sector, stakeholders have said.

SA citrus exports set to increase despite ongoing challenges

For the first time since South Africa’s single-channel marketing system for agricultural commodities was abolished in the 1990s, citrus fruit was exported from the Port of Maputo in Mozambique on Monday, 11 April.

No end in sight for logistical problems at Port of Cape Town

Stakeholders in the fruit and wine industries are doing everything in their power to address logistical challenges and bottlenecks at South Africa’s ports, specifically the Port of Cape Town, with the situation currently being exacerbated by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Free State FMD case sparks concern among livestock farmers

The latest outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, confirmed in the Viljoenskroon area of the Free State, is a localised, exceptional event, and with the co-operation of all stakeholders the situation can be brought under control soon.

Agri sector calls for immediate action to repair poor roads

South Africa’s road infrastructure is critical to the success of the agriculture sector, because commodities valued at about R7,1 billion per annum are transported along these roads.

South African cane farmers welcome delay in sugar tax increase

The South African Cane Growers’ Association (SA Canegrowers) has welcomed the recent announcement of a 12-month delay in the increasing of the Health Promotion Levy (HPL) from 2,21c/g to 2,31c/g of sugar that exceeds 4g/100ml in sugary beverages, but said the tax should rather be “scrapped altogether”.
Wet weather expected to continue across SA in the medium term

Wet weather expected to continue across SA in the medium term

The present rainy conditions over most of South Africa can be expected to continue until May, with a dry spell expected from about June to November, particularly over the central to western parts of the country.

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