Pig cannibalism on Thandi Modise’s farm

More than a 100 animals had to be put down after SAPS and the SPCA found pigs starving and eating each other on a farm owned by National Council of Provinces (NCOP) chairperson Thandi Modise.

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The Sunday Independent reported that officials made the discovery on Saturday, 5 July. Surviving pigs had begun cannibalising the starved pigs and were reportedly drinking their own urine.

The animals had been without water and food for a week or two. There was no sign of farm workers on the property, no electricity, and the water pumps were broken, it was reported in a SAPA press release.

Modise said she learnt of the neglect late on Saturday. "I am not a farmer. I am trying to farm. I am learning. But if you are a woman and you are learning you are not allowed to make mistakes," she said. 

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She said the farm had a manager, who had had a family emergency. His interim replacement had allegedly disappeared.

An investigation into the neglect has been launched by the SPCA.