Positive grain and oilseed outlook for 2014/2015 season

The record grain harvest during the previous marketing season has had a positive impact on rural economies and this could be duplicated in the coming season if forecasts from the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) realised, according to Dr. Kobus Laubscher, an independent agricultural economist.

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The total supply of maize for the 2014/2015 season is projected at 14,4 million tons, according to the latest NAMC projection report. This included an opening stock at 1 May 2014 of 589 028t. No whole maize imports are expected, according to the report.

The NAMC forecast the total supply of white maize at 7,85 million tons. This included opening stock at 1 May 2014 of 274 318t and local commercial deliveries of 7,5 million tons. No white or yellow maize imports are expected. The total supply of yellow maize is projected at 6,6 million tons while the demand is projected as 5,6 million tons.

The total supply of sweet sorghum is projected at 222 365t while the total supply of bitter sorghum is projected at 115 449t. The sorghum supply is projected at 324 814t and the wheat supply at 4 million tons. The total supply of soya beans is projected at just over 1 million tons.

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