Post office fuel shortage affects farming

Last week’s temporary suspension of services at some post offices in SA owing to a fuel shortage negatively affected the agriculture sector, according to Neels de Villiers, Free State Red Meat Producers Organisation (RPO) chairperson.

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He told Farmer’s Weekly stud cattle breeders’ production auctions, among others, were affected because potential buyers received the auction notifications late.

Ferreira, a stud Bonsmara breeder in Ventersburg, said he posted 1 000 notifications that would not reach buyers in time for his auction on 21 August. The time had therefore come for farmers to embrace technology to lessen their dependence on state or parastatal institutions, like the SA Post Office, as far as possible.

“We simply cannot afford this type of inefficiency. We advertised in agricultural magazines that also reached the subscribers late because of the post office’s lack of fuel,” said Ferreira.

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He said communications between commodity organisations and producers were also affected by the delays in postal deliveries.