Red meat levies to increase

Levy tariffs for the red meat industry are set to increase on 5 November.

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Abattoirs will pay more for cattle as the tariff will increase from R6,45/head to R7,10/head. Tariffs for sheep and goats will increase from R1,25/ head to R1,38/head. For meat traders, the increase is from R400/ year to R450/year (or part thereof) during which the trader sells red meat, processed pork or red meat products.

Importers will pay R72 more as the tariff increases from R720 to R792 per container or consignment of red meat or red meat products. For exporters of cattle, the increase is from R6,45/head to R7,10/head. For sheep and goats the tariff is now R1,38/head, up from R1,25/head, and R1,37/kg for hides and skins, up from R1,24/kg.

Meat processors will pay more for red meat, red meat products and pork, with the tariff increasing from R1,24/kg to R1,37/kg.
Tariffs for livestock agents or brokers remains at 0,07% of the commission collected. Hides and skins processed through tanneries increases from R1,24/kg to R1,37/kg.

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In terms of traded animals, or those not presented for slaughter, cattle increases from R3,87/ head to R4,26/ head, and sheep and goats from 83c/head to 90c/head. All stipulated tariffs exclude VAT. The revised levy return form can be downloaded at