Tractor girl reaches the South Pole

A decade-long dream to drive a tractor to the South Pole came true for Dutch actress and adventurer Manon ‘Tractor Girl’ Ossevoort on Tuesday, 9 December.

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 After a gruelling 2 500km journey with a Massey Ferguson 5610 tractor, the Antartica 2 team arrived safely at the South Pole, announced Ossevoort via live streaming.

“We are at a red and white striped pole with a reflective ball on top, surrounded by flags. This is South 90 – as far South as anybody can go. It’s unbelievable – at the South Pole there is a red Massey Ferguson tractor!” said Ossevoort.

“We’re all ecstatic to be here and so proud to be taking our hero shots with the tractor that never gave us cause to doubt that it would be up for the challenge. Thank you all for your support.”

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Audio clip via Massey Ferguson on SoundCloud

The 38-year-old began her journey on 22 November with the help of polar explorers Matty McNair and her daughter Sarah McNair-Landry, lead mechanic Nicolas Bachelet and creative director Simon Foster. The team are heading back to Novo Runway on the Antarctic coast.

Antartica 2 follows in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hilary almost 56 years later, after he led the first mechanised expedition to the South Pole using Ferguson TE20 tractors in 1958.

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