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Jacto expands reseller network in South Africa

South Africa is one of Jacto’s priority markets, which exports to more than 110 countries. The company has now expanded its reseller network to offer more farmers access to Jacto’s product lines.

Machinery trends defining the future of farming

It is unlikely that South Africa’s commercial agriculture sector would have achieved its internationally respected status were it not for the investment that farmers have made in mechanisation. Lloyd Phillips spoke to a number of experts about some of the main agricultural machinery sales trends.

A stronger knot for better bales

New Holland’s latest baler innovation features a new system that not only delivers denser, more secure bales, but also eliminates twine off-cut waste.

The evolution of power in SA’s agri machinery market

The Internet of Things, where machinery and devices (often fitted with sensors) share data online, has enabled tractors and other agricultural machinery to become far more efficient and easier to operate. This, combined with mechanical innovations, is helping farmers produce more with less.

Bata Industrials, leading through innovation

Bata Industrials products are manufactured in South Africa with a sound understanding of the needs of the local conditions and famers needs, with the added benefit of the support of a global footprint that offers years of research and technology.

Making spray nozzles work for you

The importance of spray nozzles must not be underestimated when it comes to precision application. This is why Jacto provides farmers with a range of spray nozzles to suit his/her production needs.

Case introduces tougher, rust-resistant paint with a deeper shine

Additions to the paint shop facilities at the Case IH St Valentin tractor plant in Austria have resulted in longer-lasting paintwork on the company’s tractors. Advanced techniques now ensure that the paint adheres more tightly to metal surfaces, making the paintwork more resistant to scratching, cracking and rusting.

Powering computing in the agriculture sector

Bluetek helps role players in the agriculture sector with all their computer and technology needs, no matter where they are located.

What to think about when buying a tiller

Tillers are great for breaking up small plots or for tunnel maintenance. Husqvarna has gathered some advice to think about before you buy a new tiller. The Husqvarna range comprises two different types of tillers: rear-tine and front-tine.

Jacto takes next leap with Agriculture 4.0

Jacto recently presented “Jacto Next” to the Brazilian market, a new business division of the company responsible for marketing and delivering specialised services on farms.

Silicon Valley start-up debuts electric tractor

In December last year, agriculture technology start-up company Monarch Tractor, which has been referred to as the ‘Tesla of the agriculture world’, introduced the world’s first single unit, fully electric, driver-optional smart tractor.

Bringing the latest innovations in precision agriculture to SA

Jacto’s self-propelled sprayers will help farmers take an innovative leap forward in precision agriculture technology.

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