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Powering computing in the agriculture sector

Bluetek helps role players in the agriculture sector with all their computer and technology needs, no matter where they are located.

What to think about when buying a tiller

Tillers are great for breaking up small plots or for tunnel maintenance. Husqvarna has gathered some advice to think about before you buy a new tiller. The Husqvarna range comprises two different types of tillers: rear-tine and front-tine.

Jacto takes next leap with Agriculture 4.0

Jacto recently presented “Jacto Next” to the Brazilian market, a new business division of the company responsible for marketing and delivering specialised services on farms.

Silicon Valley start-up debuts electric tractor

In December last year, agriculture technology start-up company Monarch Tractor, which has been referred to as the ‘Tesla of the agriculture world’, introduced the world’s first single unit, fully electric, driver-optional smart tractor.

Bringing the latest innovations in precision agriculture to SA

Jacto’s self-propelled sprayers will help farmers take an innovative leap forward in precision agriculture technology.

A zero-emission electric loader

JCB recently launched its first-ever electric Loadall model, a sign that the expansion of its E-TECH range of zero-emissions machines is gathering pace.

Improve your cell phone coverage with SmartBoosters SA

SmartBoosters SA offers homes and businesses enhanced mobile phone coverage. The company offers high-quality signal boosters that deliver the best and most reliable cell phone reception.

Getting tractors and implements to ‘talk’ to each other

With the high cost of equipment, it is increasingly important to verify the compatibility of a tractor and implement configuration. Fortunately, information is readily available that enables the farmer to take the guesswork out of this procedure, writes Stehan Cloete.

Boots or shoes? Let Bata help you decide

When choosing between safety boots and safety shoes, you need to consider a few important factors. Here’s Bata’s guide to making the right choice for your circumstances!

Making spraying affordable for all farmers

Jacto’s new concept application system for tractor sprayers brings more technology to small- and medium-sized farmers at an affordable price.

How to get the most out of your brushcutter

When it comes to clearing work, a brushcutter is your most versatile tool. Husqvarna provides some tips on how to work safely and effectively with your brushcutter.

SlurryKat’s unique combination dump and silage trailer

Northern Ireland machinery manufacturer SlurryKat has launched a special combination trailer that can be used as both a dump trailer and a silage trailer. Chris McCullough reports on this innovative design.

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