Buying a 4WD vehicle second-hand

Buying a 4WD vehicle second-hand

Before you’re tempted to snap up that bargain-priced second-hand 4WD, check it carefully! These vehicles are more complex and usually punished harder than ordinary cars.
If you’re looking for a high-quality, good-looking, compact/medium family soft-roader, the Tucson is well worth considering.

Hyundai Tucson: The ideal family car for the farmer

Hyundai has earned a reputation for quality and reliability. In a hotly contested class, the new Tucson compact stands out. It’s comfortable on the tar and capable on dirt roads....
Ford Everest range expanded

Ford Everest range expanded

Additional models in the Ford Everest range make this highly impressive SUV a serious option for many more buyers. Gavin Foster reports.

Coming soon: the Mercedes-Benz bakkie!

Rumours that Mercedes-Benz was developing a bakkie were confirmed by the recent unveiling of the X-Class concept in Stockholm.

Motoring review: JMC Carrying 1,6t light truck

Testing a brand-new commercial vehicle is not necessarily a fair reflection of its capability and performance. After a few thousand kilometres, it is an altogether different matter, as Chris Nel...

The new JMC Landwind SUV

The JMC Landwind SUV spearheads the Chinese invasion of this SA car market sector. Chris Nel gives his impressions after driving it for a week.

The new Hilux: a giant leap forward

Better ride quality, performance and build are just some of the features that make this the most significant new Hilux in decades, says Gavin Foster.

JMC Vigus: up there with the best

The words ‘Chinese’ and ‘quality’ are seldom used together. But things are changing. And if you had doubts about Chinese bakkies, the new JMC Vigus will dispel them rapidly, says...

Ford Tourneo Connect test

Spacious, comfortable and economical, the Ford Tourneo Connect has much to offer as a family vehicle. Jake Venter had a closer look at two of the four models, and came...

Functional & affordable – JMC 1,6T Carrying light truck

The JMC 1,6T Carrying light truck comes in various configurations and is a real workhorse, but still caters for the comfort of drivers.

Ranger XL-Plus: seriously tough

The Ford 4x4 one-tonner is even more capable than the XL, says Jake Venter.

Ford Ranger test drive

Jake Venter takes the Ford Ranger 3,2-litre Tdci XLT through its paces.


Desalination plant

Learning from Israel’s water woes

During a recent tour to farms and the AgriTech Israel exhibition in Israel, it was revealed that despite the large volumes of water used during irrigation, South Africa could learn...

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