Controlling diseases in aquaculture systems

Producers can use a variety of methods to limit diseases in their commercial aquaculture systems.
Fish farming in Winter

Fish farming in Winter

When it comes to temperature levels, warm water fish farms and trout farming are at opposite ends of the spectrum. While tilapia hibernates in winter, trout prefer the cooler weather.

A fingerling’s happy home

Spacious tanks, consistency in water temperature and quality, and using both natural and live feed will ensure robust, healthy fish.

Fish breeding do’s & don’ts

There’s more to breeding than sticking fish in the water and hoping for the best. Start off with the right type of tank, get quality fish, and avoid inbreeding.

Tilapia on our shelves

Long considered the ‘aquaculture fish of the future’, tilapia products are now being imported in quantity from Zimbabwe, writes Stephen McVeigh.

Developing a pond farm

There is no reason that pond fish-farming could not be viable in parts of South Africa, as it is already successful elsewhere in Africa.

Fish fall foul of new laws

For many years, aquaculture in South Africa has had to play second fiddle to the various departments of nature conservation. Now this has changed. Or has it?

Aquaculture: Are we making progress?

A brief overview of the current state of fish farming in South Africa.
indoor aquaculture systems

Infrastructure for aquaculture

Adapting existing buildings and dams for aquaculture seems a neat, money-saving solution. Yet this usually leads to failure. Unless you know what you’re doing, build a dedicated setup – you...

Fish farming beyond SA

The state of aquaculture in neighbouring countries – and the lessons to be learnt.

The history of the red tilapia

Deep-bodied, fast-growing strains of red Mozambique tilapia are becoming the species of choice in regions where winter temperatures do not usually favour tilapia farming.

Solar power could save your fish farm

When the lights go out, you have to act fast, as your fish could be dead within 20 minutes. A backup plan is essential.


Coronavirus fallout for South Africa’s agriculture sector

The negative impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak in China on the global agriculture sector, including that of South Africa, is multifaceted, according to Joseph Kau, agricultural economist at the...
boer goats

Boer goat facts and figures

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