Twinning in cattle: super-fertile cows

Twinning in cattle: super-fertile cows

In this third part of our series on twinning in cattle, Chris Nel highlights some remarkable stud beef cows that have produced multiple twins, and explains why dairy and small-framed...

Twinning in cattle: Mixed-sex and same-sex

In this second part of our series on twinning in cattle, Chris Nel examines various gender combinations for farmers, and the advantages and disadvantages of these in a commercial and...

Twinning in cattle: benefits vs cost

There are benefits to twinning in cattle, but research has also proved that it has certain pitfalls and practicalities that require careful consideration. In this three-part article, Chris Nel revisits...

Santa Gertrudis: top-quality beef with minimal inputs

The modern Santa Gertrudis is a compact, well-adapted animal that excels on the veld and in the feedlot, says stud breeder Desmond Robertson. Annelie Coleman reports.

Top young farmer transforms failed land reform project

Dairy farmer, Tshilidzi ‘Chilli’ Matshidzula, the Eastern Cape’s Agri SA Toyota Young Farmer of the Year, manages and partly owns a dairy operation near Alexandria in the Eastern Cape. Mike...

Beef cattle fertility – top Nguni stud raises the bar

Mike Burgess visited Christo Nowers at the state-run Dohne Agricultural Development Institute near Stutterheim to better understand how the herd has achieved an average calving percentage of 83,8% since 2000,...

Dairy cows: healthy animals, healthy profits

The health of dairy cows is directly related to their conception rates and milk production.

Environmental benefits of Afrikaner cow productivity

Improved cow productivity reduces greenhouse gas production, according to specialist Agricultural Research Council researcher Prof Michiel Scholtz, who gave a presentation on the topic at the 1st International Conference on...

The way forward with grass-fed beef

Cloete Afrikaners takes the increasing consumer demand for grass-fed beef seriously. Adrian Cloete spoke to Gerhard Uys about the challenges of doing so in an industry currently geared to the...
Enzootic bovine leucosis: Dairy’s cancer time bomb

Enzootic bovine leucosis: Dairy’s cancer time bomb

Enzootic bovine leukosis currently represents one of the largest threats to SA’s dairy industry. If nothing is done to prevent and control new infections, it is possible that in future...

A rare crossbreeding project

Simmentaler stud breeder Dr Emile Kotzé is crossing the Pustertaler with the Nguni and Simmentaler to produce a veld-adapted, dual-purpose breed that can thrive in the feedlot. He spoke to...

Award-winning Holsteins: ‘Success lies in sire selection’

Holstein farmers, Brett and Grant Puttergill, have proven that sire selection and selective breeding are crucial to a dairy operation’s viability.


Latest stats show slight decrease in rhino poaching

Latest stats show slight decrease in rhino poaching

The decline in South Africa’s 1 January – 31 August 2018 national rhino poaching statistics to 508 animals, compared to the 691 rhino that fell to poachers for the same...

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