A piece of land

The recent report of organised land grabbing in Mtubatuba in KwaZulu-Natal raised eyebrows. Apparently a landowner’s land was sold off at the local taxi rank and he was threatened with death if he dared interfere.

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The police refused to act as they claimed it was a civil affair. This is worrying. The police, enforcer of the country’s democratically constructed laws and the Constitution, are standing by when these very laws are raped by thugs.

What is even more worrying is that the democratically elected government – custodian of ALL South Africans – kept generally silent on the issue. It was a silent condoning of thuggery, so to speak. None of the local elected officials had the guts or balls to stand up and say: “Hey, this is wrong. This is illegal.

And this is not what South Africa struggled to become, namely a thug state.” If it were a locally elected official’s property, I wonder what the response from said locally elected official would’ve been?

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When a government start to fail its citizen’s basic enshrined Constitutional rights, alarm bells should sound.