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Using horses to manage large herds of cattle

With fuel costs being so high, using horses to manage extensive beef cattle herds makes increasing financial sense, says Dr Mac.

Should you start handling foals early?

When is the right time to begin training a foal? Some trainers believe you should start when the animal is old enough to be ridden, says Dr Mac.
race horses can suffer from upper airway collapse

Treating upper airway collapse

Surgery is commonly used to treat upper airway collapse in racehorses, but new breathing exercises using masks may prove better, says Dr Mac.

Cost-saving tips for horse owners

Prices are skyrocketing in South Africa, so it’s worth keeping a monthly budget to make timely decisions on cost-cutting, says Dr Mac.

Change feed, change behaviour!

Starches and fibrous feed influence the composition of gut bacteria as well as the behaviour of a horse, says Dr Mac.

Listening to your horse’s gut

A veterinary examination of a horse should always include listening to its intestinal sounds. However, the owner can do this too, says Dr Mac.

Regenerative medicine for horses

Stem cells, platelets and serum can be reinjected into an injured joint or ligament to improve healing in horses, says Dr Mac.

Breeding for conformation

Conformation is essential when breeding horses for a specific purpose, says Dr Mac. As conformation is achieved mostly through genetic means, breeders need to choose dams and sires with care.

Pros and cons of lucerne in your horse’s diet

This perennial forage has been used as horse feed for centuries, but despite its advantages, it can produce side effects, cautions Dr Mac.

How stress influences the health and behaviour of horses

Recent research has highlighted the causes, diagnosis and management of stress to improve health and performance in horses, says Dr Mac.

Managing mud fever

Equine pododermatitis requires careful and thorough treatment, and is exacerbated by damp or wet conditions, says Dr Mac.

A first-aid kit for horses

A veterinarian can take a long time to arrive at your stables, especially after hours and on weekends. Basic first aid treatment is crucial while you wait, says Prof Cheryl McCrindle of the University of Pretoria.