Alf & Co

Yep! I’m a Townie.

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But I’ve been subscribing to FW for a number of years because although I’ve already travelled round the sun 68 times, when I’m big I want to be a farmer. My present 2000m² ERF in suburbia doesn’t even come close to the minimum requirement I know, and I don’t even have any livestock to speak of, except for the Kapokkies of course. That’s all, just five Bantams, also known by Darbie & Joan as Alf & Co. Alf is the man, and we all know why you never see a fat rooster . . .

We even had to ensure that our neighbour’s little Jack Russell bitch was spayed, for fear of seeing little Jack-adoodle-doos or Cock Russells running about the place. Alf’s not lekker at the moment because Margaret, Myrtle, Michelle and Doris are all sitting on eggs, and his frustration is evident in the way he eyes all visitors to the property. I don’t think he’s too enamoured with having to shack up on his own at night either. We don’t know what to do with two clutches of eggs when they hatch . . .

Oh didn’t I tell you? Doris and Margaret are sitting on one clutch and Michelle and Myrtle on the other. Which mother will the chicks choose for goodness sake? Methinks Alf is also concerned, because he’s sounding off all day and every day, even in the knowledge that the sun is already up. This is what prompted Darbie to write to the Ed (with Joan’s permission of course). Here we sit, wannabe farmers, and we no squat about Kapokkies.

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They seem to be very happy, they live a free range existence in a well treed garden with lots of mulch to scratch around in. What say Ed that the FW does a series on raising bantams? Who knows, there may be other like minded Townies out there who will be motivated to lay in some bantams (no pun intended) and when Alf & Co are done with the eggs, and into the raising of chicks, we may have enough to share round. Gus Mason Rivonia