Find solution of emerging farmers on market accessibility

Many black emerging black farmers struggle to secure the market where they can sell their produce.

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This factor demoralises many passionate emerging farmers because they cannot make money out of their farms. The market denies farmers a right to set the market prices and it remains a thorny issue in the flesh of my emerging farmers. They are being robbed of their good profits because markets always decides the prices of their produce. Yet market doesn’t know how much it cost the produce the commodities.

It is best time that farmer unions unite and champion the interests of the emerging farmers. Let these unions address the market problems especially when they want to export. If government and farmers can overcome this problem then we know jobs will be created in the sector. I have cases of emerging farmers who are struggling to get market to sell their agricultural produce. Government should lead this venture to uplift the farmers. All the stakeholders must actively try and find solution to this problem.