What a waste!

Two readers responded to the news article entitled ‘Millions go to waste in failed tunnel projects’. (16 November, pg 20)

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It is beyond my comprehension how anyone (in this case the government) can hand over functioning tunnel farms to beneficiaries of empowerment, without stringent rules for mentorship and serious consequences for failure.A good understanding of hydroponics, necessitating constant ‘tweaking’ of nutrient solutions and numerous other inputs, requires a sound technical knowledge, plus vigilance seven days per week, for a tunnel project to be successful!

Whilst the theoretical side may be learned by attending a hydroponics course, without a year of constant mentorship thereafter, failure is virtually assured! Surely available developmental funds would be better spent on empowerment projects growing food in the soil, nature’s way and coupling it with mentorship, teaching sound cultivation practices? Growing in the soil is much more forgiving than growing hydroponically in a tunnel!
Rolf Hagen, by email

I am a young man trying to start a small plant tunnel and every time just come short with the funds needed. Reading your article makes me so sad and mad, because one of those tunnels could make a huge difference in my life. I would even maintain it myself.
Edwin Martin, by email

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