Broll Auctions

Broll Auctions and Sales strives to provide great auction services that add value to their clients. With over four decades of industry expertise, they understand the value of developing connections and providing a bespoke customer service.

They have access to a huge, segmented database, many of whom are long-standing and repeat clients, meaning they are better positioned than most in the disposal of assets. This also speaks to their reputation of providing a best-in-class customer experience.

Broll Auctions and Sales acts as the hub between buyers and sellers, ensuring a seamless sales process with quick turnaround times and access to targeted buyers. Auctions and tenders are the ideal platform for quickly and successfully disposing of assets to generate liquidity.

Their expertise is backed up by the use of cutting-edge technology, which includes live auctions, online bidding, themed auctions, private treaty sales, tenders, and document management technology. They are led by a team of asset disposal experts, which when combined with their offering, greatly contributes to successful transaction outcomes for both sellers and buyers.

Their strong acumen in asset disposal transactions and astute trading experience means they are able to assist both their buyers and sellers in the acquisition and disposal of assets.

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