Getting to the bottom of cavity spot mysteries

Cavity Spot is a very destructive carrot disease that has been giving farmers and researchers sleepless nights all over the world. It has been determined that cavity spots on carrots...

It’s a tough road for vegetable farmers

Dear Bruce Roberts-Baxter, Your chillingly accurate letter to Farmer’s Weekly for the issue 26 February 2010, captures the plight of many farmers setting out to make a living from farming.

No-till can be practical for vegetables

No-till helps farmers work with nature, with massive benefits in the quality and health of soils and water use, sustainability and economics. And Bill Kerr speaks from first-hand experience.

Taking your watermelons to maturity

Regardless of yield, watermelon quality is vital for sales, price and future demand for your product. Cultural practices are especially important during the last period towards maturity.

Harvesting smaller

Baby marrows have become very popular and have a stable market.

Other unexpected cucurbit pests

Bollworm and the spotted maize beetle are a couple of the pests which aren't recognised for the damage they can do. It's worthwhile to be aware of them so you...

Dealing with cabbage deficiencies

Farmers often have difficulty with identifying nutrient deficiencies in cabbages. I recognise them because of my experience in dealing with them over the years. Some deficiencies are uncommon and even...

More on integrated pest management

A recent visit to a client has prompted another article on integrated pest management (IPM). This farmer has two vegetable farms separated by a few kilometres. He uses wasps to...

Integrated pest management of brassicas

This practice combines natural and chemical means to control pests. In SA, brassica farmers tend to stick to a set chemical pest control programme.Issue date:23 March 2007

Don’t let thrips creep up on you

In South Africa, this is a relatively new pest in cabbage. The western flower thrip is the problem and apparently was accidentally introduced from the US in chrysanthemum cuttings. It...

Cabbage has its fair share of enemies

Other pests that attack cabbages Issue Date: 9 March 2007

Beware: cabbage aphids also carry viruses

Cabbage aphids maintain a low profile in summer heat. is easy to become complacent only to later discover that they have established themselves.


Dezzi three-wheeler cane-loader

Local manufacturers seen at Royal Show

Every year, the Royal Show features exhibitors and agricultural equipment quite different from those at Nampo. The Royal Show is also a showcase for smaller and local manufacturers.

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