There’s hope!

The two organisations have hardly spoken to each other in 20 years or more.

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I’m a frequent critic of the appalling state of our fresh produce markets, and the equally appalling relationship between most market management/owners and market agents.

Over the 40 years I’ve spent with our fresh produce markets, I’ve always believed that one day things would improve and change the two parties from antagonists to colleagues. After all, they both work under the same roof!

I believe that a near miracle is currently taking place. Firstly, the president of the SA Union of Food Markets (SAUFM) (formerly the Institute of Market Masters of SA) accepted an invitation to the 2011 AGM of the Institute of Market Agents of SA (IMASA).

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“So what?” you might ask. Well, this was highly significant considering that the two organisations have hardly spoken to each other in 20 or more years!

Then the president of IMASA accepted an invite to address the 2011 AGM of the SAUFM a month later.
The two groups have now resolved to work together on matters of mutual interest in the future and there’s even the possibility of a joint AGM in 2012.

The two organisations have more in common than just their place of work. Both were founded in Bloemfontein – IMASA in 1945 and IMSA (now SAUFM) in 1946. There was a time when they co-operated on matters of common interest, but that was long ago.

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