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Getting started with pigs – 5

Feed your pigs correctly and you’ll have efficient reproduction and growth as well as good quality meat.

Stormy time ahead for animal feed

Prospects for animal feed prices are not looking good as demand is starting to outstrip supply.

Getting started with pigs – 4

Feed will be your biggest cost when raising pigs, but they reward careful feeding with excellent profits.

Getting started with pigs – 3

The successful pig farmer always uses good breeding stock.
Farming pigs how to get started – Part 1

Farming pigs: how to get started – Part 1

Here are some basic facts you need to know before starting your own piggery.

What causes disease?

Knowing why an animal gets ill can help us understand how to prevent disease and treat sickness.

The basics of Angora farming

Farming with Angora goats can be easy once you understand the essentials, says Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Selecting the best bull for beef

Here are the important traits to look out for.
Afrikaner bull

What to look for when selecting a bull

As a herd bull has a great influence on the future of the herd, it must be carefully selected. As we noted last week, to improve the herd, the bull must deliver the goods – literally.

Cows: the inside story

Cattle are ruminants, which means the digestive system has four compartments.

South Devon

A breed that offers lean beef and plenty of good, rich milk.
Selecting the right bull

Selecting the right bull

Selecting the right bull can mean the difference between success and failure in a beef cattle herd.