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The quest for healthy food

The global food system is not broken but its resilience is threatened, according to researchers looking for answers to the problems around nutritional quality and inequalities in the food chains.

Could reptiles fill the food supply gaps?

Dr Patrick Aust, conservation scientist for People for Wildlife, looks at how reptiles can help improve food security in Africa.

Which is best: fresh or frozen meat?

Dr Kedibone Modika and Tebogo Pitse, agricultural economists at the Agricultural Research Council, look at how the flavour, colour and tenderness of beef change during the freezing and thawing process.

Five ways to make sure fermented food is safe for eating

Omololu Fagunwa, a research fellow at Queen’s University in Belfast, writes about the importance of fermented food in West African diets, and explains how to ensure that this food remains safe for eating.

Reasons for declining women numbers in agrifood systems – report

Declines in women’s employment in agrifood systems are evident in most regions, and few women are involved in the more profitable activities across various value chains, according to a new report.

Farmed meat versus lab-grown alternatives

Precision fermentation will be unlikely to disrupt the livestock industry but may provide high-value products for niche markets, says Prof Paul Wood of Monash University Clayton Campus, in Victoria, Australia.

How farmers can combat succulent poaching

The illegal trade of wild succulents, particularly Conophytum species, has left some on the brink of extinction. Glenneis Kriel reports on the situation and what farmers can do to help.

Hats off to women in agriculture!

In this segment, we speak to women in various industries of the agriculture sector about the challenges they face, and what they look forward to for the future of their businesses.

Traceability is key to a sustainable agriculture

Justin Platt, founder and managing director of agricultural technical services companies Zylem and RegenZ, explains how South African agriculture stands to benefit by implementing traceability systems.

Renewed call for voluntary exit from captive lion industry

The ministerial task team responsible for identifying and recommending voluntary exit options and pathways from the captive lion industry has invited captive lion owners who are interested in complying into confidential discussions.

Enhancing women’s agri productivity

Automation and digitalisation present opportunities to enhance women’s agricultural productivity, according to Dr Elizabeth Mkandawire and Dr Selorm Dorvlo, researchers in South Africa and Ghana respectively.

Help the youth to gain from agrifood systems

When they are given the appropriate support and enabling environment, young people in Africa can take advantage of new opportunities, develop innovative solutions, and contribute to building sustainable and resilient agrifood systems, according to a UN report released in 2022.