Do you have your own carbon management plan?

‘It’s all about energy efficiency, which apart from saving the planet, saves the cash flow.

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‘It’s all about energy efficiency, which apart from saving the planet, saves the cash flow.’

I’ve never had much patience with people who don’t speak plain English. You know the type. Often fast-talking city slickers who speak about “thinking out of the box” and “pushing the envelope”.
When I first heard about businesses setting up a “carbon management plan” I presumed we had some fast talkers in flow again, and turned a deaf ear. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
The avalanche of media coverage about global warming, and the UK supermarkets talking about the carbon footprint of my export fruit, finally got through to me.

I’ve got myself informed, and I’m shocked. I’ve been pushed over my tipping point on the subject.

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But, what contribution can I make to this enormous global problem?
There are two directions in which I can strike out against this threat to the future of my children and grandchildren. One, is to do my best to push other people over their tipping points, and get them to develop the same sense of urgency. The other is to implement my own “carbon management plans” in my personal and business life.

The first part is the easiest.
Whenever possible I will talk and write about the problem, and stress the dangers which we face. I can’t do this with credibility unless I have the facts, but that was easy.
Do as I did. Go to Google and type in “global warming”. The horror stories will keep you awake all night.

The second part – my own carbon management plan – may be more difficult. It’s easy to talk. It’s tough to cut the carbon emission, and there’s always the doubt in the back of one’s mind as to how the minute contribution you are making will help.

Well, it can, and it begins with businesses, yours and mine, which are among the main culprits contributing to global warming. It’s all about energy efficiency, which apart from saving the planet, saves the cash flow.

Stop wasting electricity: develop a pathological hatred for lights on during daylight. Stop wasting fuel: is the inside of the exhaust of your petrol-driven vehicles a nice grey colour? If it’s black, the engine is running too rich. Get it tuned.
Get into the recycling mode: different bins for paper, bottles, cans and organic waste. manufacture of recycled goods requires far less energy, hence less carbon emission.

Got some doubts?
Right now, get to a computer and start Googling for “carbon emission”. Hope you sleep tonight. • Contact agribusiness consultant Peter Hughes on (013) 745 7303 or e-mail [email protected]. |fw