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8 ways to avoid paying tax

Although government has closed some of the loopholes, there are a number of creative, legal ways for South African businesses to avoid paying tax.
A recent Supreme Court of Appeal judgement relating to VAT and foreign tour operators will be of interest to wildlife farmers and safari lodges.
An interesting ruling involving assessed losses was recently released by the Western Cape Division of the Tax Court.
Many readers have asked about income tax, deductions and capital gains tax. Here is a very short overview of how it all works.
A court recently found that grapes were ‘held’ by a farmer even after being pulped into grape juice and mingled with grape juice from other producers.
A fairly generous deduction is allowed under the Income Tax Act in respect of research and development, but it’s not that easy to claim.
Time constraints, e-filing codes, queues, admin delays .... SARS red tape makes it well nigh impossible for a lawyer to fight a tax dispute.
A High Court judgement clarifies the issue of capital gains when a property is returned, as well as the time limits for making objections to SARS rulings.
A recent SCA ruling restates the methods of interpretation of tariff headings and their applicability to products subject to the Customs and Excise Act.
The question of tax and tithing recently came up and the answer is likely to interest many readers.
Reduction in a company’s debt is covered by Paragraph 12A of the 8th Schedule to the Income Tax Act.

Well played in Durban!

A recent Tax Court judgement is relevant to those wishing to challenge reassessments.


‘Business as usual for Agri SA’ after Dan Kriek resigns

‘Business as usual for Agri SA’ after Dan Kriek resigns

It is business as usual for Agri SA after the recent resignation of its president Dan Kriek.

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