A Christmas wish list for SA’s taxpayers

Here’s hoping that Santa will come through on at least some of these…

A Christmas wish list for SA’s taxpayers

Here’s what I believe should be on the wish list of South Africa’s taxpayers:

  • A tax holiday for people who take the risk to start a business, until a certain sustainable level of income is achieved.
  • That government takes the time to put itself into the shoes of entrepreneurs to see the damage it causes through excessive regulation.
  • Meaningful efforts to stimulate sustainable growth in the economy by cutting back, not spending.
  • Meaningful assistance to small traders, so that it is easy to set up a small enterprise and thus be able to support a family.
  • A ban on cross-subsidisation which sees a prudent taxpayer with a small family having to support the offspring of a person with a large family who relies on the state.
  • Recognition of the fact that smaller families make for a healthier country, workforce and tax base, with moves to encourage healthy, small families.
  • That government ministers be paid according to what they are really worth, this being established by an independent team of specialists.
  • A cap on government salaries and perks. Sheltered employment must come at a price!
  • That all of those who have any authority over or access to public funds should be at risk of immediate suspension without pay if discrepancies come to light.
  • That misuse of public funds should be a criminal offence with heavy penalties and even jail time for offenders.
  • That it becomes impossible for leaders to appropriate benefits to themselves outside of their remuneration packages and equally impossible for them to secure benefits for their families. Just as the average business person has to shoulder the knocks of the economy, so the leaders must be the same. This is not a kingdom; it is a republic and all are supposed to be equal.
  • Massive privatisation of all government services by people who are capable of doing the job, whether it be fixing potholes or managing sewerage and making electricity. The tenders to be merit-based.
  • That business people, not tender entrepreneurs, should have a meaningful say in the running of the country’s finances.
  • Placing a cap on taxes of high-income earners. In this way, the generators of wealth and income are not continually punished for productivity, but enjoy some of the fruits of their labour in their own country.
  • Allowing taxpayers to spend their own taxes within their communities.
  • Tax benefits for business people doing community service and uplifting communities.
  • The best wish is saved for last: that government ‘experts’ keep their ideas to themselves and keep their hands off private business.

Would it not be perfect if the only state imposition on a private venture was tax?

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Let all business compete equally with no artificial measures for affirmative action or the threat of losing the assets of the business. This alone would boost productivity.