Join Farmer’s Weekly’s WhatsApp Groups

Join Farmer’s Weekly’s WhatsApp Groups

We are excited to announce that Farmer’s Weekly is back on WhatsApp sharing daily agri news, details about important events, farming advice and auction updates for your area.

For now, we have created three WhatsApp groups: Agri news, Auction network and Livestock insights.

You can choose to be part of any of these groups (or all three) to receive the latest information directly on your mobile device.

Stay informed about important events, and enjoy the convenience of sharing breaking stories, captivating photographs, or providing us with feedback with just a tap of your finger!

Click on any of the following links to request to join:

We would love to hear from you, add our number to your contact list to send us comments, photos or feedback: 066 470 5298.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What sort of updates will I receive?
Agri news: Every morning at 9am, you’ll receive news headlines about agriculture, accompanied by relevant links or photos. We will also keep you informed about upcoming events.

Auction Network: Every Monday at 9am, we will send you a list of auctions taking place in SA. On Tuesday, we will update you on previous auction results.

Livestock updates: If you choose to join this group, every Tuesday and Friday, we will share updates about articles or events related to livestock (cattle, sheep, goats, and poultry).

Will I be spammed with messages from other members?
No, you will have direct communication with Farmer’s Weekly. WhatsApp group members will not be able to send messages on the group.

How do I unsubscribe from the group?
You can exit the group at any time by using the group’s exit option.

Will I be charged for this service?
No, this service is entirely free. However, please note that standard charges from your service provider may apply.

Will other members see my contact number?
Yes, other members of the WhatsApp groups will be able to see your contact number.

Please note that we strictly prohibit online bullying, solicitation, or contacting any other members within the group. If you encounter any of these issues, please WhatsApp us or email Sindira Chetty at [email protected].