Free access to SIZA’s digital recordkeeping programme

Sponsored by SIZA

Stay ahead in South Africa’s competitive agriculture sector with SIZA’s Digital Recordkeeping Programme, ensuring compliance, transparency, and efficiency. Register now for free access!

Free access to SIZA’s digital recordkeeping programme
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For a producer in South Africa to stay ahead in the highly competitive agriculture sector requires more than just a green thumb.

It is vital to have credible digital data on compliance as this information is required by retailers, importers and buyers for the sake of providing transparency, enabling real-time monitoring, managing risks, and facilitating collaboration.

Therefore, the SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Programme is a valuable tool for South African producers looking to enhance and showcase their agricultural practices. This innovative programme allows users to input data on production/packing, water usage, fuel consumption, fertilisers, chemicals, and waste management.

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What’s more, with free access available for registrations throughout March 2024, SIZA is paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in South African agriculture.

The promotional offer also includes in-depth training and the opportunity to capture a year’s worth of data free of charge. Producers can send their raw data to SIZA personnel, who will capture the data for the initial complete 12-month cycle.

The Digital Recordkeeping Programme can be used without the need to register for the SIZA Social or Environmental modules (Terms and conditions apply).

Get ready for your Carbon Footprint Calculation

After taking advantage of the promotional offer, users will have the opportunity to have a Carbon Footprint calculation done by an accredited third-party service, if needed, once data has been captured for a full year.

Market requirements

Markets are focused on data related to businesses’ sustainability factors, such as understanding trends related to water use and energy efficiency, and looking at trends in your business on how efficiently you are implementing environmental sustainability practices. Showcase your agricultural practices to markets by taking advantage of this promotional offer by signing up for the SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Programme for free between 1 and 31 March 2024.

Production and packing volumes and waste

One of the primary inputs tracked is production and packing volumes, along with production and packing waste generation. By analysing historical data, producers can identify trends, allowing for informed decision-making. For example, consistent increases in orchard or packing waste can prompt investigations and measures to enhance profitability by reducing losses.

Water use and efficiencies

Water is a precious resource, especially in South Africa, where droughts are a recurring challenge. By allowing producers to monitor water usage, the programme provides insights into water usage patterns and efficiencies. Understanding how much water is required for different crops can help optimise irrigation practices. By reducing water wastage and improving efficiency, producers save resources and contribute to sustainable water management.

Fuel consumption and electricity usage

Digital recordkeeping also covers both liquid and gaseous fuel consumption, and further records grid electricity usage and renewable energy consumption. This data can reveal opportunities to reduce energy costs by optimising equipment, exploring renewable energy sources, and making data-driven decisions on adopting energy-efficient practices.

Crop nutrition and crop protection products and waste production

The programme further tracks the use of crop nutrition products such as fertilisers and soil additives, as well as crop protection products and waste sent to landfill or recycled.

Detailed records of inputs applied enable fine-tuning of fertilisation and pest control strategies, leading to healthier crops, higher yields, and reduced environmental impact.

Minimising waste and promoting recycling align with sustainability goals and result in cost savings through reduced waste disposal fees.

Take advantage of this opportunity and step into a more sustainable and efficient future for South African agriculture.

For more info on how to register, phone SIZA on 021 852 8184, email [email protected] or visit