Undercover farming: big investment, greater returns

With its reduced land and water requirements, tunnel farming is a viable option for farmers with little access to natural resources, says Suzanne Oosthuizen, managing director of the Undercover Farming Expo. She spoke to Lindi Botha about the unique benefits of undercover farming.

A passion for herbs blooms into business success

The Kasselhoft estate near Leeudoringstad in North West evokes the French countryside with its fragrant lavender and rosemary fields. This is where Trudi and Rina Kasselman run their herbal business and market their cosmetic care and assorted product range.

Starke Ayres: Sure-fire tomatoes and peppers

All Starke Ayres tomatoes and sweet peppers are carefully selected for local conditions. Its latest hybrids are the best combination yet of reliable growth, exceptional taste, and long shelf life.

On-farm hydroelectric power boosts dairy’s bottom line

Hydroelectric power production need not mean massive installations for large-scale commercial supply. KwaZulu-Natal farmer Peter Ward’s small-scale hydroelectric system on his farm generates sufficient power for his dairy enterprise while saving his operation up to R1,3 million a year. At the same time, he uses the precious resource of water sustainably.

Onderstepoort vaccines target emerging and global markets

The CEO of Onderstepoort Biological Products, Dr Baptiste Dungu, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the repositioning of the state-owned veterinary company as an international player.

How NERPO is adapting to a changing livestock sector

Changes in the livestock business environment have motivated the National Emergent Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (NERPO) to review its strategy and improve services to its members. NERPO managing director Aggrey Mahanjana spoke to Siyanda Sishuba about future plans.

Building a mega business through egg production

Toyota South Africa/Agri SA’s Young Farmer of the Year for 2019, Johan van der Schyff, whose agricultural concern has operations across the Southern and Eastern Cape, has utilised the advantages of economies of scale and technology to build up his substantial concern. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his layer business and other enterprises.

Fresh produce theft: farmers lose billions every year

The theft of agricultural produce costs South African farmers billions of rand a year, not only through the loss of produce, but in additional expenses, such as fencing, to improve security. Annelie Coleman spoke to industry leaders Dr Jane Buys, Derek Donkin and Tommie Esterhuyse, as well as a Limpopo-based citrus producer who preferred to remain anonymous.

Equipping young leaders in agriculture to lead

The Syngenta Leadership Academy is aimed at empowering a new generation of leaders in agriculture. Siyanda Sishuba spoke to three alumni of the programme about their experience and the lessons they have learnt.

Investing in financial markets

In general, South African investors have seen meagre returns on their savings and retirement portfolios over the past few years. Indeed, some wonder whether it would not be better to stash their money under the mattress. Jaco Visser spoke to a number of investment managers about the products that are available and which investment strategies are likely to deliver the best returns.

Stats SA says thank you to the commercial farming community

The 2017 Census of Commercial Agriculture by Statistics South Africa showed that the total number of farming units involved in commercial agriculture in that year 2017 was 40 122, and that these farms used 46,4 million hectares of land.

Getting down to business with geese farming

Anton and Sharon Kock’s Ember Down goose down and feather business has been built on ethical farming practices, attention to detail and meticulous management.

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