An Eezi way to save

You can scoop up generous discounts with this easy-to-use app.

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EeziCoupons is a mobile app launched by Shoprite Checkers, the first retailer to allow customers to redeem instant shopping discounts on their cellphones. The app is easily downloaded and installed on a smartphone. You can then use it to find the store nearest you, along with its hours of trading, a contact number, and a link to the current specials. If you want to buy one of these specials, you click on an item and it will automatically be added to your shopping list with the discount already calculated.

On the day I visited the Checkers website, some of the discounts on offer were: R3 off a packet of rusks, R5 off a tub of margarine, R20 off a non-stick frying pan and R50 off an espresso maker. All were well-known brands and there were discounts on more than 60 items.

At the store
Later, when you’re at the till, you present the cashier with the discounted item’s code and your savings are subtracted from your total purchases and are visible at the bottom of your till slip. The app only allows one discounted item per visit, but specials are continually updated on the app.

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Users’ views
You can read the latest tweets on EeziCoupons at It has to be said that users frequently complain that the app works poorly in the store itself, due to a poor network signal. Perhaps Checkers should install Wi-Fi to enable clients to use the app to its full potential.

To avoid any potential problem, do your purchases at home and save a screenshot of the code or simply write it down.
Other users are highly positive about EeziCoupons, saying it is a great innovation.  “I love the fact that I have options before I get to the store so I can make informed decisions,” says one user.

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