Eastern Cape communal wool producers excel


“The income realised by communal wool producers increased from R1,5 million in 1997/1998 to nearly R132 million in 2014/2015,” he said.

Du Pisani said the development programme positively impacted on the socio-economic conditions of the participating communities.

According to surveys conducted in this regard, income from wool and mutton sales comprised 47 % of all household income in 2004 and increased to 65% in 2016.

“The number of children going to bed hungry decreased from 43,1% in 2004 to 24% in 2015, while households with savings accounts increased from 56,9% in 2004 to 84% in 2015. The number of families that had to borrow money to pay for school fees decreased from 78,4% in 2004 to 48% in 2015,” according to Du Pisani.