SANParks relocates Sylvester the lion

Sylvester, the lion that escaped from the Karoo National Park in March this year, arrived at the Addo Elephant National Park on 27 May.

Sylvester was darted by a SANParks veterinarian in the Karoo boma, where he had been kept since his recapture, in preparation for his five-hour trip to Kuzuko.

He will be kept in a boma inside an existing 200ha enclosure, which also houses two lionesses who are both almost two years old. The hope is that over time, the three will bond and form their own pride.

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The two lionesses have been in Kuzuko for just over a year, following the death of their mother, reportedly as a result of a snake bite. In the long term, the three lions will be released when the fence between Kuzuko and the neighbouring Darlington section of the park is dropped, providing them with 60 000ha in which to roam.

Sylvester’s arrival brings the number of lion in the Addo Elephant National Park to 19. His escape from the Karoo National Park in March was his second disappearing act, following his escape from the same park last year.