Acid mine drainage not a threat to important Limpopo aquifer – expert

The environmental impact of acid mine drainage (AMD) is not a threat to the trans-boundary Ramotswa Aquifer situated in the Limpopo Basin.

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 In addition, the Limpopo River Basin Programme was facilitating better management and development of the aquifer.

This emerged at a meeting on shared groundwater resources between neighbouring countries at the Birchwood Hotel in Johannesburg. It was attended by representatives from the governments of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, as well as environmental and water experts, among others.

Dr Karen Grothe Villholth, principal researcher for groundwater management at the International Water Management Institute, told Farmer’s Weekly mining activity in Limpopo would not affect the Ramotswa Aquifer.

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“AMD is not an issue because there are no mines close to the aquifer. It’s not a problem at all,” she said.

David Gadd, program manager of the Resilience in the Limpopo River Basin, said the Ramotswa Aquifer supplied water to the Gaborone Dam in Botswana, which in turn supplied water to the capital city of Gaborone.