Afriforum increases support to farmers amid attacks

AfriForum has announced an action plan to intensify its fight against farm murders. The plan includes an intensified awareness and protest campaign to put pressure on the Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa, to prioritise farm murders, as well as an extensive local self-protection strategy.

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Speaking at the launch of the strategy in Centurion today (23 January), Afriforum announced that it will assemble a task team to undertake a comprehensive study of farm murders.

Interviews will be held with victims, next of kin and farm workers from across the country, as well as convicted farm killers.

The local self-protection strategy will include the following projects across South Africa:

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* Patrols/visible policing

* Radio networks

* Incident control systems

* Permanently manned control rooms

* Private first-aid and emergency services

AfriForum’s deputy CEO, Ernst Roets, said the organisation aims to force government to take a stand on farm murders. “There are no rational grounds for government’s refusal to prioritise farm murders, other than a complete disregard for the safety of farmers,” he said.

AfriForum has also created a platform on its website where members of the public can report farm attacks, and so bring these to the attention of AfriForum and the SAPS. Since the beginning of the year, 24 farm attacks have been reported, during which three farmers were murdered.