Agri SA asks for a national prayer day

Agri SA president Johannes Möller has called on all church denominations to use Sunday, 16 December 2012 as a national day of prayer for a violence-free society;

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reconciliation and peaceful co-existence; relief in the drought and fire afflicted areas; for law and order to prevail and leadership in the best interest of South Africa’s diverse communities. Möller said the past few months have been characterised by labour unrest resulting in the loss of life and damage to property.  

“Agri SA is concerned about how these circumstances are experienced in agriculture as well as about the ongoing unacceptable violence against farmers, farm workers and their loved ones. Various parts of the country are also burdened by drought and veld fires which impact on both humans and animals. In addition, the ruling party must take decisions regarding the future of the country at its conference in Mangaung,” Möller said.

He said the wave of dissatisfaction and concern over working conditions, service delivery, and corruption, detracted from a peaceful society and contributed to the polarisation of communities. Möller said Agri SA was of the opinion that people should respect one another’s rights, promote good values and interact with each other in a spirit of nation building.

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“We believe this is a time for fellow believers in all denominations to reach out to one another. South Africans are living in sensitive and difficult times and therefore we urge all churches and their members to use this day of prayer to reach out to their fellow citizens,” Möller said.