ASUF seeks urgent meeting with Zokwana

The Agri-Sector Unity Forum (ASUF) wants an urgent meeting to discuss “burning issues” with minister of agriculture Senzeni Zokwana.

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ASUF explained that it wanted to find solutions to important matters, including proposed limitations on private land ownership in SA and the impacts of current widespread drought conditions.

Representing Afasa, TAU SA, Agri SA and NAFU, ASUF describes its primary aim as being “to convey a united message on the common interests of the broader agricultural sector in order to promote and grow South African agriculture”.

The forum was compiling its members’ views on the state of land reform in SA and was also particularly keen to express its thoughts on government’s proposal to cap private land ownership, said ASUF chairperson Japie Grobler in a statement.

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“We believe that direct involvement by government [in limiting land ownership] should not be pursued and that other methods should be explored, especially with the view to keeping investment in the [agriculture] sector, and consequently food security, intact,” said Grobler.

ASUF was also concerned that current drought conditions would have a significant negative impact on SA’s food supply over the next 12 months. The country might need to import about 2 million tons of summer grains to meet national demand. ASUF said this would, in turn, place severe strain on SA’s harbour and other logistical capacities.