Correction in the minimum wage for farm workers

The minimum wage for farm workers will increase by 6,4% on 1 March 2014, and not 7%, as was previously announced, according to Hendrik Ackermann, chairperson of Agri SA’s labour and social policy committee.

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The department of labour earlier announced the minimum wage for 2014, but the wrong figure was published as the department used the wrong quintile of the November 2013 Consumer Inflation Index (CPI) to calculate the new wage.
After Agri SA brought the mistake to the attention of the department, it was corrected.

“Although it’s a small percentage difference representing a minimal amount, it’s a matter of principle,” said Ackermann.

On 1 March, the monthly minimum wage for farm workers will increase from R2 274,82 to R2 420,41. The weekly minimum wage increases from R525 to R558,60 and the daily wage increases from R105 to R111,72 for a nine-hour workday. The hourly wage increases from R11,66 to R12,41.

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“Employers are urged to communicate the new wages to their workers, and implement it on 1 March 2014,” said Ackermann.

In the event that an employer can’t afford the higher wages, they can apply for variations. Application forms are available at Agri SA’s website at