Cost of basic food basket up 10%

The cost of a basic food basket increased by approximately R56 (+10,86 %) in nominal terms from R510 to R566 from February 2015 to February 2016, according to a statement by the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC).

A basic food basket containing 22 products, as compiled by the Food Price Monitoring Committee, includes, among others, apples (1kg), beef chuck (1kg), brick margarine (500g), tinned baked beans (410g), maize meal super (5kg), onions (1kg), peanut butter (400g), and sunflower oil (750ml).

The food items which showed the largest price differences between urban and rural areas were margarine 500g (R1,76 difference in price), sunflower oil 750ml (59c), Ceylon/black tea 62.5g (48c), loaf of brown bread 700g (39c) and a loaf of white bread 700g (39c), according to NAMC.

Table 1: Comparison between urban and rural food prices (selected food items) 
Rural Food Prices
February 2016
Urban Food Prices
February 2016

Price difference R/unit

Full cream milk – long life 1l12.6312.630.00
Loaf of brown bread 700g10.8311.220.39
Loaf of white bread 700g12.0012.390.39
Special maize 2.5 kg19.4819.47-0.01
Super maize 2.5 kg22.8222.78-0.04
Margarine spread 500g21.0922.851.76
Peanut butter 400g22.3922.520.13
Rice 2kg24.0424.340.30
Sunflower oil 750ml21.4422.030.59
Ceylon/black tea 62.5g11.4211.900.48
White sugar 2.5kg30.0730.04-0.03