DoL confirms that forestry wages apply to 9-hour day

In response to an enquiry from Forestry South Africa (FSA), the Department of Labour (DoL) has confirmed that the new minimum wages for workers in the country’s commercial forestry sector are based on a nine-hour working day.

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Confusion initially arose when the 24 February 2015 Government Gazette that proposed the new forestry sector minimum wages, and asked for public comment on these proposals, did not specifically state that these wages applied to a nine hour working day.

A copy of an email from Shaun Feldman of the DoL to Roger Godsmark of FSA, dated 18 May, confirmed that the new forestry minimum wages applied to a nine-hour working day as of 1 April.

According to Godsmark, who is FSA’s Operations Director, the new monthly minimum wage for forestry sector employees was R2 606,78. This equated to R601,67 per week and to R13,37 per hour.

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In its submission to the DoL regarding the proposed forestry sector minimum wages, FSA requested that the current minimum wage be increased next year by the Consumer Price Index for the lowest quintile plus 1%, and by the same for the two consecutive annual wage increases thereafter.