Drought conditions still prevalent in the Free State

While most of the Free State has experienced substantial amounts of rain, easing the drought burden, some farmers in the Luckhoff area have been less fortunate and are still in need of drought relief in the form of feed.

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Dr Jack Armour, operational manager at Free State Agriculture, said about 1 000 bales of feed of the 3 500 donated as part of the organisation’s drought relief initiative are still available.

“We encourage farmers who urgently need help to contact us, so that we can allocate bales for collection as soon as possible. We also want to thank farmers from the districts of Henneman and Welkom who’ve donated feed as well as the transport of the feed. It’s wonderful to see how farmers help each other in times of need.”

Some farmers in Luckhoff received rain over the weekend, but it came as a mixed blessing as more than 50mm fell in less than 30 minutes.

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“We also had hail and strong wind. Some of the maize plants fell over, but we’ll always be grateful for rain,” said district chairperson, Abre Strauss.