Germany’s premier animal husbandry exhibition biggest yet

It’s day one of EuroTier 2012 in Hannover, Germany, and before the 9 am opening time the crowds at the gates were already growing impatient to be the first in.

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EuroTier, described as the most important international exhibition showcasing the world’s latest dairy, pork and poultry technologies, is going to be the biggest and most informative yet. And I can believe it! A very cursory (so far) visual appraisal of EuroTier’s premises revealed an astoundingly massive indoor exhibition facility. A staggering 25,135 hectares (251 337 square metres) is taken up in one way or another by the approximately 2 445 exhibitors from 51 countries.

EuroTier 2012 has about 2 445 exhibitors from 51 countries, collectively using over 25 ha of indoor exhibition space. (Photo courtesy of the DLG)

Carl-Albrecht Bartmer, President of EuroTier hosts, the Deutsche Landwirtschafts – Gesellschaft (German Agricultural Society), said that overall exhibitor numbers for EuroTier 2012 were a substantial 25% up on EuroTier 2010, and that exhibitor numbers from outside of Germany had increased by a whopping 50%.

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“People appreciate that the technical progress in animal production exhibited at EuroTier can be used anywhere in the world,” Bartmer said. “We have the leaders in global agricultural innovations and markets present at EuroTier 2012.” The DLG President pointed out that one of this year’s key exhibition focuses was on animal welfare, a move prompted by increasing consumer demand globally for humanely produced livestock products.

Bartmer, said, “We have modern and innovative technology on display here this week that provides the answers to questions on how to improve animal welfare while still being able to maintain optimal economic performance for livestock production.”
EuroTier 2012 runs from 13 – 16 November 2012. Visit for more information.