Lamps for lambs

The prevailing cold weather sees farmers resorting to inventive ways to save lambs and kids from exposure to low temperatures.

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A small enclosure, consisting of basic materials such as a fruit crate and an infrared light, could save farmers money. The crate must be big enough for the animal to be able to move away from the light if it gets too hot. Lambs or kids weakened by the cold can be placed under the light (like the Angora kid pictured).

Ronel Bezuidenhout from Komga is known for her care of injured and orphaned animals. “I have been using this lamp for many years and it helps to clear pneumonia by removing moisture from the lungs,” said Ronel. She said it could also be used to hand-rear duiker and bushbuck calves.

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The use of a red light is a healing strategy that makes use of light in order to stimulate the body’s natural defence system. The basis for this type of treatment is the fact that the red light helps to activate adenosine triphosphate in the muscle tissues, releasing more energy for the body to use.

The Healing Power of Infrared Light, by Dr Michael Smith, and Instructions and Cautions for the Use of a Single Red Lamp, by Dr Lawrence Wilson.