Major setback for Boere in Nood

A serious setback has hit the Boere in Nood (Farmers in Need) group after a truck and trailers carrying bales to farmers, caught on fire between Theunissen and Brandfort.

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Fortunately, none of the drivers were injured.

Nico Gerber, co-founder of Boere in Nood, told Farmer’s Weekly the cause of the fire was still unknown. “These things happen and only after full forensic investigation by the police will we know what truly happened,” said Gerber.

The trucks were carrying 80 big pack bales that the group purchased for R180 each. One of the vehicles, owned by Van Staden Transport, completely burnt out.

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According to Gerber the damage will run into the millions. “We have started a fund to support Van Staden Transport, but they were adamant that the money raised should go to Boere in Nood. They feel that the need for feed is much greater than their loss.”

Since its establishment in November 2015, Boere in Nood has helped 450 farmers across South Africa to date. The group has recently entered into a co-operation agreement with TAU SA and Afriforum.

“Together we will support farmers as far as possible,” said Gerber.

Photos: Ian van Staden Boere in Nood Facebook Page