Mozambique recruits SA farmers

A delegation of Mozambican officials visited the Nampo Harvest Day to recruit farmers to develop the agricultural sector in that country.

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About 800 South African farmers farm in Mozambique, mostly in the Gaza province. The governor of Zambezia province has asked farmers to consider this northern province for investment too. Lázaro Nhangombe, agribusiness promoter at the Centre for the Promotion of Agriculture in Mozambique, said that only 15% of Mozambique’s 36  million hectares of arable land was cultivated.

“It is Mozambique’s aim to achieve food security and reach a higher path of economic growth through agriculture-led development. We need South African farmers to ensure food security.” Nhangombe assured farmers that Mozambique was stable and secure. “Bilateral agreements are in place to protect South African investors. Our legislation is consistent, which makes for a good investment climate.”

Piet Potgieter, chairperson of AgriSaMoz, which facilitates South African farmers’ entry into Mozambique, said that it was important to develop the whole region and not just South Africa. “Every 14 days there is an influx of between 5 000 and 10 000 Somalis into SA. This has a big impact on our country. We must ensure that our neighbouring countrymen don’t have to flee to SA to find food.” 

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