New guide for the management of indoor pests

CropLife South Africa (CLSA) recently announced a new guide for the responsible management of indoor pests.

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This was according to Dr Gerhard Verdoorn, CLSA consultant. The guide, called the Control of Indoor Pests Compendium, pertained to the chemical control of certain pests in and around buildings.

“The guide consists of a simple layout that lists registered pesticides, with the pests that they can be used on, as well as the active ingredients and directions for use,” Verdoorn said.

This compendium is a first for South Africa and is aimed at homeowners and professional pest control operators. It is aimed at assisting consumers in selecting pesticides that are registered for indoor and perimeter use. It has a separate section on rodenticides with instructions for use.

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“It is particularly important for farmers where rodenticides and other pesticides were sometimes stored in open sheds. We regularly receive reports of dogs poisoned in this way. We have recently started a campaign on farms to apply rodenticides only in bait stations to prevent the poisoning of dogs and people,” he said.

Consumers needed to read labels on pesticide containers before using the pesticides, according to a CLSA statement.

“Consumers often use pesticides without taking note of warnings, precautions or directions for use. This may lead to undue exposure of people and animals to pesticides,” Verdoorn said.