South Africa

Stock thiefs get R6000 bail

The 38-year-old Ronnie Smith and his wife Elbie Smith (35), from the farm Zem-Zem in Bothaville were released on R6000 bail by the Bothaville magistrate's court after the being arrested...

New way to become more environmentally friendly

A tool was recently developed to help farmers calculate the carbon footprint of their crops.

Can we see some results?

Billions are spent on agricultural support programmes, but now MPs are asking why so little seems to have been accomplished. Denene Erasmus reports.

Livestock on the loose

Livestock on the roads of the former Transkei in the Eastern Cape have always been a challenge for motorists.

Organised agriculture questions KZN job plan

Organised agriculture in KwaZulu-Natal has questioned where the money will come from to fulfil an ambitious plan by the KZN Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs (DAEA) to create 28...

Refunds for mutant calves refused

New Zealand’s farmer-owned AI company, Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), is refusing to give refunds, or pay compensation, after semen it sold produced mutant calves.

No demand for land reform?

A lot has been said about black South Africans not being interested in farming and the sector not being ‘sexy’ enough to attract more farmers. Now two researchers have taken...

ANC policy swings undermine credibility

Contradictory policies and radical statements make it difficult to decide on the direction in which the ANC is leading the country and what it means for land reform. Is this...

Agriculture still a good investment

Speaking at the recent Free State Agriculture Congress in Bloemfontein, Agri SA president Johannes Möller said farmers should invest in agriculture.

Free trade in Africa bad news for local farmers

Free trade in Africa could be a reality by 2017, signalling harder times for farmers in South Africa, while those abroad benefit.

135 000 ha lost to Free State veld fires.

Nearly 135 000 ha have been destroyed in veld fires in the Free State.

COSATU and Agri SA find common ground

Concern over the vast tracts of unproductive land in South Africa has united Agri SA and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU).


Mixed reaction expected from agri sector to repo rate reduction

Mixed reaction expected from agri sector to repo rate reduction

The decision by the South African Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Committee to lower the repo rate to 6,5%, down from 6,75%, will affect different role players in the agriculture value...

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