South Africa

Police to investigate possible fisheries corruption

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) has handed its investigation into suspected financial and procurement irregularities,...

Beware of just chasing that 30% goal – Nkwinti

Some 21% of sugar cane land is currently under black ownership, up from 5% in 1994, SA Sugar Association (SASA) chairperson Bongani Linda said at a sugar cane industry event...

Vleissentraal-ARC Special Performance Test Class Award Winner

The breeder and owner of the 2012 Vleissentraal-ARC Special Performance Test Class Award for his Red Poll bull...

Dairy farmers under pressure to reduce carbon footprint

Milk producers in South Africa might soon find that high input costs and low milk prices will be topped with increased pressure to produce milk in a more environmentally friendly...

Department denies cows left to starve to death

Mpumalanga’s department of agriculture has denied leaving 48 cows to die of hunger.

Possible drought looming

Farmers in South Africa’s summer rainfall area were recently warned not to underestimate the unpredictable rainy season ahead.

Young buffalo bull sets new record price of R26 million

Horison, a young bull bred by Jacques and Carolien Malan, set a new record by fetching R26 million at the recent stud game auction held at Mbizi in Bela Bela,...

Communal sugar farm ‘sets an example’

The revival of 165ha of sugar cane by the Mansomini Irrigation Project in KwaZulu-Natal’s Glendale Valley was praised by Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) minister Gugile Nkwinti...

“Fracking” may go ahead in the Karoo

The South African government has lifted a moratorium on shale gas exploration in the Karoo, Reuters reported.

Too many South Africans still go hungry – Stats SA

Food insecurity remains at a high level in South Africa.

TAU SA’s Georgia tour

Quite some time has elapsed since TAU SA first established contact with Georgia and was asked to help the country restore its agriculture, which had suffered after the dissolution of...

Archipelago meat

Swedish consumer demand for free range, naturally produced meat has reached new heights as island-style meat is growing in popularity.



Reviving generations of Brangus genetics

Harrismith breeder Dr Elsie Campher’s Helpmekaar Brangus herd embodies generations of top-quality genetics. She says the stud, founded by her father, is a ‘priceless genetic treasure’.

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