Public lend a helping hand to farmers

The current drought is sinking its teeth ever deeper into farmers across South Africa and feed is becoming more scarce by the day.

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After a visit to a client in the Bethlehem region, part-time farmer and consultant Nic Schoombee was so moved by the sight of cattle dying from starvation he decided to take action.

“On various social media platforms I encountered farmers seeking help, but also farmers who had extra feed and were willing to assist those who had nothing.”

It was on one of these platforms that Eastern Cape farmer Nico Gerber offered his feed to farmers in need, but said he didn’t know how to orchestrate the required logistics.

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“That is when we started ‘Boere in Nood‘. We wanted to connect those who were willing to provide feed with those who were in desperate need,” said Schoombee.

“It is important that people should know that we have a structure in place and that we currently do have a waiting list.”

Since the Boere in Nood group was created, it has provided an estimated 1 300t of feed across the country to farmers.

"So far we have raised R324 000 in cash donations," added Schoombee.