SA exported 665 000t of fertiliser in 2013

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This was according to Adam Mostert, CEO of Fertiliser Association of Southern Africa (FERTASA).

Speaking at the FERTASA congress in Johannesburg today (10 June), Mostert said: "The main export countries are Zambia and Zimbabwe, accounting for 62% of exports. Both increased their imports from South Africa significantly in 2013. Botswana was in third position."

Mostert noted that exports to Mozambique declined, while exports to Australia, Brazil, Malawi, Swaziland, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Kenya also showed increases.

However, South Africa imported about 1,4 million tons of fertiliser at a cost of R5,6 billion in 2013, down 5,7% compared with the previous year.

"The main reason for high imports is the absence of urea production facilities and sources of potash in South Africa. Urea and potassium chloride make up the bulk of imports," said Mostert.

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