Stricter meat labels due next year

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has set 25 April 2014 as the date by which all preserved, processed, dried and packaged meat products must adhere to the deparment’s new labelling regulations.

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The stricter regulations follows the international horse meat and local meat labelling scandal earlier his year.
It requires that specific information such as a product’s country of origin, weight, all ingredients present, and a simple description of the type of animal used be on the label. Research conducted by Stellenbosch University earlier this year found that in 68% of 139 products tested, there were ingredients that were not declared on the labels.

Donkey, goat and water buffalo meat were found in minced meat, hamburger patties, sausages and dried meat. In some cases unlisted plant material was detected. After the results of these studies were made public, a commission of inquiry was appointed. According to the DTI, the new regulations were put in place to prevent a similar scandal in the future.