Welcome in the changes if you want to survive, SA farmers told

Farming is a business and should be managed as such.

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That was the message from Brand Pretorius, retired chief executive of the motor retail group McCarthy Limited, to Bonsmara breeders at the recent National Bonsmara Sale in Bothaville. He said the world of business had changed dramatically and the future was no longer an extension of the past.

“You must transform to fit in, and perform at the highest level to be competitive in the new business environment. Embrace change – it is the price of survival,” he said. Pretorius is concerned about the skew distribution of wealth in SA. “Somehow we have to progress with transformation in the broader sense through increased ownership, skills development and corporate social investment.”

Pretorius said that more black South Africans should be included in the mainstream economy. “We cannot allow massive inequality to continue, because the country will explode in social unrest and instability.” He called on farmers to accept social responsibility and involve themselves in the fight against poverty and crime.
“We cannot be blinkered by high walls,” he said. “Unleash the energy of your people. The agricultural sector employs 700 000 people. How many of them have been forgotten and how many of them have access to training and development?” he asked.

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